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Split Structure


Film made during the workshop Dance for camera with David Hinton 2013 // Director: Kristýna Bartošová / Choreography: Helena Šťávová / Performers: Helena Šťávová, Monika Částková / Music: Jakub Rataj Cinematographer: Aleš Lněnička



We have moved into an apartment in Dejvice quarter with a balcony overlooking the inner courtyard. I look at it every day and it makes me feel anxious. It is desolate, parcelled out, dead. “If you live next to something dead, there’s something dead inside you as well,” one of my neighbours said. The film »

Currently Adverse Weather

2012 | Hraná etuda v ateliéru @en

The nearly invisible encounter of two people takes place on a blurred screen, but with audible sounds: A fog that you couldn’t cut even with a knife. Two people meet. Each can see only what he can touch or hear. Better to record it all, in case somebody doesn’t remember. In the end, none of »

Hajek na zamku, Petr v podzamci


Film paints a portrait of the Petr Hájek, head of the presidential chancellery, who is known for his conservative views: he rejects evolution, supports national Catholicism, labels homosexual deviants, equates civil society with neo-Marxism, and claims that Bin Ladin is a media inventions. Shot at Prague Castle and at Hájek’s country cottage.



In the Basque region of Navarra, the director – a stranger – stops passers by next to pieces of political graffiti, letting them explain what they mean and why they were painted. A feature-length documentary about repression, the anti-terrorist act and the events that happen within our common borders.



My point of view of the opinion of two women, ex colleagues from work, who because of awareness of quick and unpretentious profit sell their eggs to unknown people. Film about searching maternal instinct under the microscope.



On November 17th 2008 took place a demonstration of the Workers´ Party (DS) in Litvinov. It was followed by a march of Autonomous Nacionalist to the neighbourhood of Janov, mainly inhabited by Romanies. At the roundabout near to the neighbourhood came to a battle with police and demonstrationists, in media called „Battle of Janov“. This »

Fighting the Brain


“I wanted to make a film about three friends of mine who are essential and inspiring for me and with whom I spent a lot of time. I wanted to show their worlds. How I perceive them. I wanted to get as close as possible to them in the film but as one of them »

Love sorry


When I was 14 years old, my mother wrote a book about a boy that unexpectedly survived a hard disease. It was my boyfriend and I got into the book as well. Parallelly with the book, our love story became a main topic of a TV Nova show called “With one’s own eyes”. I was »

All We Know Is Everything Will Turn Out Well

2008 | Absolventský film

This film is about a freedom of human life which stays independent from inside and out. In this documentary hymn, the film presents various scenes connected by personal dedication and emotional experience with director’s children, and her friends and close ones in the center of all (Karel Schwarzenberg, Dáša Vokatá, Jim Čert, Stanislav Penc, John »


2008 | Můj pohled na skutečnost, na které mi záleží @en

Když vás bolí hlava, vezmete si aspirin! Máte-li náhodou kocovinu, velmi rychle Vám od ní pomůže ibalgin. A pokud musíte do práce s chřipkou, na dosah je modafen… Dokumentární film o generaci, která je ovládána medicínským průmyslem a jeho reklamními slogany natolik, že bezmyšlenkovitě polyká různobarevné pilulky proti všemu…

What is it…modern art?


The director of the movie decided to create “such nice modern art” at his house. But becouse he never understood art and mainly not modern art, he performs a public opinion search to create his art according to public pool results. With this knowledge, he goes to see Professor Milan Knížák and his students at »



Author´s report about a grave memorial, its author and thick dividing line from the past. A documentary about the liberation of the village of Dyšina by US Army – “Our decision two years ago to build a statue of General Patton here stirred up major controversary. Some were suprised, some applauded it. Not only here »



“When a man and a woman unite they get interconnected energetically in such a way that there is no way to disconnect them.” The spiritual quest of a girl seeking knowledge through tantric sex with a Czech guru.



Mother and daughter in a stylize portrait, which takes place in the clean family swimming pool. Through the short documentary film, these two women reflect common, personal topic which they never speak about. This film causes a ripple on apparently calm level; it tries to break down a communication dam, built up few years ago.

Koněv Smeltery


During the communist period the Koněv smeltery in Kladno produced “peace steel”, which was meant to be poured down the throats of imperialists. Today in place of the factory there remains an industrial wilderness, in which the poorest inhabitants from the nearby ghettoes collect copper and iron. Bohumil Hrabal and Vladimír Boudník as relevant as »