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The town of Kyjov has two traditions: folk culture and methamphetamine. Dressing up in folk costumes is one of the things that the region of Moravian Slovakia is known for, but it is a façade funded from the municipal budget.

Kov o kov

2017 | Filmová báseň @en

Mum is. Mum lives. There’s a scar on her chest, but don’t pay any notice. There’s a heart inside that is beating. Metal against metal. A mechanical aortic valve to replace the one that was all used up. The film poem.

The Still Life of Vera


A box of 254 postcards at 1 CZK apiece. Dozens of senders but only one addressee. A portrait of the unknown recipient culled from 50 years of birthday and Christmas greetings. An attempt to put something static into motion, to make something flat deeper, to put life into something dead.

Moratorium Vondrejs


I’ve once bumped up to, in some village garden, an elderly man who drilled holes into snail shells. He was one of the co-founders of genetic engeneering in the Czech Republic. The man dedicated all of his life to improvement of the natural world so that it suits more and more to the needs of »

Every palsy has its silver lining


Pictures from memory of a person suffering from cerebral palsy. He got ill with the Polio virus in the early 60′s. Why and how did experts research the technique of his falls? A dark memory depicts the absurdity of step-by-step manuals to life. “It’s like with a language. If we were always to remember all »



A miniature about the heterosexual relationship of domestic cats in three acts: the gentle foreplay in the form of mutual licking is replaced by passionate coupling, followed yet again by sweet displays of affection. Black and white film was used during the shoot, as well as a muted soundtrack and close-up details of the eyes »



Stockholm – Prague. Mother and daughter trying to shorten the distance between them through video calls. But the geographical distance isn’t the only thing they have to overcome. The dissolution of a home and a formation of another in three shots.



The film deals with shoplifting as an act of system subversion. It opens up the question of a “moral theft”, catches the thieves in the act and explains the reasons leading to such an act.

Hotel Atol****


A deserted hotel at the gas station by the highway to Pilsen. Only the caretaker knows how it works, what is where, where and how the wind blows… His walk through this empty space, which has been out of use for many years now, tells the story of how the hotel was built during the »

Split Structure


Film made during the workshop Dance for camera with David Hinton 2013 // Director: Kristýna Bartošová / Choreography: Helena Šťávová / Performers: Helena Šťávová, Monika Částková / Music: Jakub Rataj Cinematographer: Aleš Lněnička



We have moved into an apartment in Dejvice quarter with a balcony overlooking the inner courtyard. I look at it every day and it makes me feel anxious. It is desolate, parcelled out, dead. “If you live next to something dead, there’s something dead inside you as well,” one of my neighbours said. The film »

Currently Adverse Weather

2012 | Hraná etuda v ateliéru @en

The nearly invisible encounter of two people takes place on a blurred screen, but with audible sounds: A fog that you couldn’t cut even with a knife. Two people meet. Each can see only what he can touch or hear. Better to record it all, in case somebody doesn’t remember. In the end, none of »